Cash Management Services

Today more and more clients are discovering the need to manage their cash and investments all in one location. Through RBC's Correspondent Services we can work with you or your organization to ensure you have access to features clients have come to expect from modern banking services. This includes:

  • Convenient Access to your cash through debit cards and ATM locations worldwide.
  • Electronic bill payment services, allowing you to simply set up your payees and without having to send paper checks. 
  • Electronic Funds Transfer which allows you to automate the movement of funds
  • Account management tools which allow you to track your current portfolio holdings, securities activity, interest & dividend payments, and gain access to monthly and annual statement documents.

RBC provides financing options that are fast, flexible and convenient. RBC Credit Access Lines offered through Royal Bank of Canada allow clients to access cash while avoiding potential adverse tax of selling securities and transactional expenses. RBC Credit Access Lines can be utilized as a funding tool for a number of planning scenarios including:

  • Bridge Loan Financing while waiting for the sale to complete on a former home.
  • Tax strategies to manage around capital gains taxes
  • Finance home renovation project
  • Smooth out cash flow during periods of variable income
  • Provide flexible financing for a business opportunity

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