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“Dog Days of Summer”

I hope you all are enjoying your summer to the fullest. Personally, I’ve been savoring my free time on the beach, accompanied by our new furry friend, Bogey. He’s still getting used to the water, but he absolutely adores spending time under the tent with the refreshing Seabreeze!

As we step into August, it feels like we’re on the final march towards Labor Day. It’s also the time when Q2 earnings season comes to a close, with 394 of the S&P500 member companies having already reported. This influx of earnings reports provides investors with a lot to consider, especially as the market remains surprisingly resilient in the face of an uncertain period, marked by mixed signals from economic data points, geopolitical events, and corporate earnings.

To help shape your perspective on the current market landscape, I’d like to share two thought-provoking pieces from RBC. The first one provides an insightful August Market update, offering valuable insights into the market’s current state and potential opportunities. The second piece that has caught my attention this week delves into the differences in how we view US companies relative to their international counterparts, particularly concerning valuation metrics.

Understanding these nuances can be crucial in making well-informed investment decisions, especially in these dynamic times.

Enjoy the Rest of your summer!

RBC August Market Update

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