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Navigating Your Financial Journey with Skill and Collaboration

Every client has a unique story and set of needs; thoughtful guidance is at the core of what we do.

Through personalized financial planning and tailored investment solutions, the clients we serve can expect diligent and comprehensive solutions designed specifically with their financial lives in mind.

In this video John P. Miller, CFP, shares the vision of Miller Wealth Group — a commitment to guiding clients toward secure financial futures. With personalized planning and expert insights, we empower you to confidently navigate the complexities of wealth management. Learn how Miller Wealth Group can be your trusted partner on the path to financial success.

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Guiding you towards what lies ahead

We provide comprehensive financial planning tools, guidance, and tailored investment solutions to empower families and business owners to feel confident in their financial future.

A Trusted Partnership for your financial journey

Expertise to navigate the complexities of today’s planning challenges with a personalized feel.

Only Certified Financial Planners, who have completed rigorous certification requirements, including expertise in 72 financial areas, thousands of professional hours, and passing a comprehensive exam, are authorized to use the CFP certification trademark. CFP professionals like me are trained to create comprehensive strategies for your short-term and long-term financial goals. We uphold the highest ethical standards, always prioritizing your best interests. Partnering with a CFP Professional, one of the highest qualifications for financial advisors, assures that your assets are managed with the utmost care and expertise.

We are a full-service financial firm committed to helping people pursue their financial goals. By offer a wide range of financial products and services, we believe in empowering families and small business owners to both identify their financial goals and make sound decisions. To help those who we serve the cornerstone of our practice is education and thoughtful guidance.

Throughout your life, effective financial planning can be the key to achieving your various goals.

Whether you aspire to own a house, save for your children’s education, enjoy a fulfilling retirement, or make a positive impact through charitable contributions, strategic financial planning can help provide the roadmap in reaching those goals while also ensuring alignment of your family’s goals with the appropriate tools and strategies that best match your needs.

President of Miller Wealth Management

John P. Miller, CFP ®

John is a native of Annapolis, Maryland, where he grew up enjoying water activities like sailing and surfing. Having since moved to Atlantic Beach Florida in 2017. As a resident of Jacksonville, John remains active in supporting various community organizations which include acting Trustee for the City of Atlantic Beach Police Officers’ Pension Board, Foundation For Financial Planning, Flagler College Alumni Association, Southside Business Club, Surfrider Organization, and Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce.
In his spare time John enjoys surfing and remaining active in Hannah State Park, cooking for friends and family, and regular trips back to Maryland to enjoy all that the Chesapeake Bay has to offer.

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RBC Correspondence Service

Keeping Your Assets Safe and Secure

Our firm has a contractual agreement with RBC Clearing & Custody, a division of RBC Capital Markets, LLC, to serve as our clearing firm. This fully disclosed clearing agreement states the responsibility of each party.

Prior to the agreement becoming effective, RBC Clearing & Custody is responsible for making all disclosures to our firm’s designated examining authority as required by FINRA Rule 4311. Each client of our firm is notified of the relationship via a disclosure letter.

The disclosure letter details the responsibilites that our firm (the introducing broker-dealer) and RBC Capital Markets, LLC (the clearing firm) have to the client. Although client assets are held by RBC Capital Markets, LLC, neither RBC Capital Markets,LLC, nor its parent company, Royal Bank of Cananda, has responbility for the financial condition or performance of our firm or our financial professionals.

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