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Ongoing U.S. Debt Ceiling Resource Packet

Written By John Miller
With ongoing U.S. debt ceiling negotiations, I wanted to provide you with an update as we continue to monitor for a resolution. Given the historical precedent of seeing market volatility during the later stages of the negotiations. Its important to keep in mind we have some historical precedent (2011, 2013, & 2019) that we can look towards to see how a possible resolution may be reached.

During periods of uncertainty such as Debt Ceiling, two important routine steps all investors should take particularly retirees is:

Look closely at both savings and investment strategy to ensure the current holdings are aligned to remain within your targeted level of comfort from a risk standpoint. Given time and market fluctuation, asset allocations that you may have targeted and been comfortable with during your last review are likely to have changed. With a risk review you can ensure you investment strategy remains within your ideal risk tolerance.

Review current allocations towards save haven assets such as Cash & Money Market: This is especially true for retirees who may depend on investment savings to provide supplemental income. With market volatility you want to maintain adequate liquidity that can be used to support your income needs without being in a position of being forced to sell securities at inopportune times.

Below are three articles that separately address the Debt Ceiling and where we stand today from a market outlook.


RBC Weekly Market Update

Capital Group Debt Ceiling Research Report

RBC Research Report

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